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About T-NICE

Personal Training Specialist 

I am far from your typical trainer – I am a champion. My array of diplomas and international titles narrate a story of unwavering dedication and remarkable athletic feats across multiple sports disciplines. My journey not only showcases my expertise but also my deep-seated passion for athletic excellence.


As a training specialist, I design fitness programs for both amateurs and professionals, tailored to individual needs.


My expertise in anatomy, physiology, and exercise science enables me to create effective, personalized exercise plans that align with clients' fitness goals.

I have worked with a diverse clientele, including athletes, seniors, and those with chronic conditions, in various settings like gyms and health clubs.


My primary role is to develop and oversee personalized exercise plans, assessing clients' fitness levels, targeting areas of improvement, and monitoring progress.

Beyond exercise planning, I offer guidance on food choices and lifestyle changes for overall health and fitness.


I am experienced in working with clients with specific injuries or medical conditions, ensuring safe and effective exercise routines.


Passionate about my work, I find joy and professional growth in each client's success and transformation. – Votre Coach Sportif Personnel et Techniques d'Entraînement Avancées
T-Nice Personal Trainer Teaching
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