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About T-NICE

Personal Training Specialist 

Born and raised in a small village in the French Alps, Theo Marcopoulos is a former professional athlete and certified personal trainer who now brings his energy and expertise to Miami as the Head Trainer and Director of the Prime Academy.


Theo's love of movement began with his background as a college national wrestling champion and professional swimmer. He was one of the first athletes to consider the importance of fitness in progressing to a high level of sports performance. Theo studied for years to increase his knowledge and started helping athletes defend their international titles and win medals at the Olympics before moving to Miami in 2011.

Quickly hired at David Barton’s Gym in Miami Beach, Theo became the number one trainer for the American brand and has worked with top athletes, models, and celebrities. He is known for his innovative training methodologies and empowering workouts that incorporate a full mind-muscle connection and functional strength training.


Theo is a firm believer in not only the physical benefits of training but also the mental benefits, with a philosophy that exercise should be clearly understood and fully enjoyed rather than endured.

Putting his knowledge, experience, and commitment into the gym, Theo won over 12 professional fitness titles in America in just 2 years before a motorcycle accident in 2017, which was supposed to leave him handicapped for the rest of his life.

However, Theo experienced a 100% recovery through holistic techniques such as acupuncture, Yoga-Pilates, and auto-hypnosis. This allowed him to reach a mental and physical strength levels that help his clients create a sustainable routine, making them feel stronger and more balanced. – Votre Coach Sportif Personnel et Techniques d'Entraînement Avancées
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